Saturday, 7 June 2008

Polish Sun / Polski Sun published for the first time today to coincide with Euro 2008 launch

The Polski Sun is a Polish language version of the Sun newspaper and the first edition was published today to coincide with the start of Euro 2008. The Polish Sun / Polski Sun will be published on six days over the course of Euro 2008 with further editions scheduled for June 9, June 12, June 13, June 16 and June 17.

The Sun are the first UK national newspaper to publish a foreign language edition in the UK and between 50,000 and 75,000 copies of the Polski Sun / Polish Sun will be published on each day. The Polski Sun / Polish Sun will be sold in Tescos and Polish shops - I got my copy in our local Tesco!

To a large extent the Polski Sun / Polish Sun follows the format of the English language Sun, but there are some subtle differences:

- The front page is based on Polish News

Front page of the Polish Sun / Polski Sun

The Page 3 girl is a Polish model, Dagmara Gladysz writes Bizarre, Dear Deidrie has become Droga Deidrie, the centre spread is a Poland Goal Flag with the phrase Polska Gola and Sport is predominantly Euro 2008 coverage and geared towards Poland and the Polish team.

There are some prominent advertisers featured in the Polski Sun / Polish Sun with ads translated into Polish. I particularly liked the ads for Nike and British Airways:

Polish Nike ad from the Polski Sun / Polish Sun - 7th June

Polish British Airways ad from the Polski Sun / Polish Sun - 7th June

Full details of the Polish Sun / Polski Sun can be found here:

News International have allegedly been considering a Polish version of the Sun for a while, but England's non-qualification for Euro 2008 has given them a good opportunity to experiment and see how successful they can be at reaching out to the Polish community.

If England had qualified then the Sun traditionally benefits, running full paginations with both advertising and editorial at maximum capacity. Whilst the paper will still cover the Euro 2008 tournament, it will not be to the same extent, enabling the Polski Sun experiment to take place.

I think this is great initiative and if the Polski Sun trial is successful then I would think the Sun would look to run targeted / foreign language editorial more regularly, however this could be a good opportunity for all newspapers to widen their audience with resulting potential for increased circulation - I'm surprised no-one has tried this before!

UPDATE: The second edition of the Polish Sun is now on sale and I have written about it here:

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Anonymous said...

Im relly greatfull,and happy to read the sun in polish version.Even i dont have a problem with reading in english is just nice to have a newspaper with the "fresh" news from your country,world news etc. Shame that the "Euro Dream" for Poland ended up,bacouse I'll love to read Polish The Sun in daily basis,but anyway thank you for all The Sun Team for support and Polish the Sun!We really enjoyed it!

Polish community New Malden

Anonymous said...

The Great British SUN newspaper, just showing they will do anything for money. If I go to Warsaw will I get a Polish National in English? Will I F**K.
When in Rome doesn't appear to apply anymore.

Nick Burcher said...

You won't get an English newspaper in Warsaw, but they are on sale in Spain. The Sun, Daily Mail etc are printed by Spanish presses and on sale in Spanish shops for British people in Spain - is this any different?

Anonymous said...

YES, it IS different, The SUN, like it or loathe it is an English Newspaper, they publish and print worldwide for the English no matter where they are.
The fact that they have decided to publish a Polish version in Britain shows how money grabbing they are.
Do they spanish national daily's print their own paper in English for the Brits living abroad?

Anonymous said...

It just shows sheer ingnorance of some English people. Warsaw Journal to start with is your newspaper in Polish Capital with cirulation of 30.000.
Again it would be good to do some reaserch before passing judgement.