Wednesday, 2 July 2008

5 examples of Wimbledon using social media (and Andy Murray on Twitter!)

Wimbledon are using social media as the tournament continues to experiment with new technology to extend the championships reach.

There is extensive BBC interactive Wimbledon coverage and international audiences can buy an online video stream subscription through Wimbledon Live on the Wimbledon website.

However, whilst the Wimbledon website gains high traffic (8.6 million unique visitors viewing over 266 million pages in 2007), Wimbledon are also extending coverage by using social networks and social media. The aim is to create opportunities for deeper engagement with the tournament and allow Wimbledon fans to discuss and share Wimbledon content.

1) Wimbledon Facebook Fan Page

The Wimbledon Facebook Fan Page is a great example of how Facebook Fan Pages can be used.

The Wimbledon Facebook Fan Page acts as a hub for all the Wimbledon online activity and gives Facebook users insight to the tournament. A wide range of photos and videos have been posted, official Wimbledon bloggers leave Facebook notes and updates, an MP3 player broadcasts Radio Wimbledon and Wimbledon fans have the chance to vote in Wimbledon Polls and opportunities to upload their own Wimbledon content.

The Wimbledon Fan Page has over 9,000 fans.

UPDATE: Facebook have deleted this page because they classify Wimbledon as a 'corporation'........

2) Wimbledon in Second Life

IBM provide the technology for Wimbledon and since 2006 IBM programmers have been bringing Wimbledon experiences into Second Life. For 2008 a mini-Wimbledon has been built with courts, various IBM behind the scenes info stands, links to live scores and free gifts / games.

I went to look and visited the Wimbledon Second Life shop where I was able to get free strawberries and cream, a Wimbledon towel (that also doubles up as a Magic Carpet), an umbrella, poncho, a tennis racket (to partcipate in games) and 'Wimbledon Eyes' (though I'm not quite sure what these are.)

I also got given a Second Life Wimbledon T-shirt (which I am wearing in the picture below), though I would recommend familiarising yourself with how to change clothes before trying to put the T-shirt on - I ended up naked on the court for a good few minutes while I worked out how to change clothes!

There are also supplemental areas such as the Wimbledon back office and a roof garden where you can drink free Pimms and eat more strawberries and cream.
During the day the Wimbledon area is staffed by super-helpful IBM employees who can answer questions and guide you around. This really adds something to this environment and I enjoyed being able to engage on a personal level.

Second Life Wimbledon is there until the end of the tournament, have a look before it goes!

Wimbledon Second Life address:

3) Wimbledon YouTube

Wimbledon are uploading daily previews and interviews to YouTube and then presenting these video clips on the Wimbledon Facebook page

Here is the Day 9 Wimbledon YouTube preview:

4) Wimbledon blogs and Fanlog

Wimbledon are running a Fanlog through the Wimbledon website and publishing Facebook notes on the Wimbledon Facebook Page.

These posts aim to provide alternative viewpoints to the main media reporting by allowing both Fans and behind the scenes people to publish their thoughts.

5) Wimbledon Twitter

Wimbledon started using Twitter in 2007 (under the username Wimbledon2007) to publish scores and updates.

Twitter is again being used this year, but under the more generic

The 2008 Wimbledon tournament is also represented on Twitter by Andy Murray! Thanks to Jemima Kiss we learn that Andy Murray is a Twitterer and has been updating his account as the build up and tournament has progressed. Since Andy Murray's Twitter use has been highlighted his following has grown significantly - join in at

Wimbledon continue to experiment with technology and the social media initiatives that are running around the tournament are interesting. It presents an intriguing blend of tradition (white kits etc) and modernity, but seems to work and successfully brings Wimbledon to life online.


epredator said...

just a little correction to some numbers.
Wimbledon org 8,618,366 unique users but 266 billion not million page views. 266,311,332 page views for the event

epredator said...

Oh and the twitter it live, some other people had got 2008. Wimbledons official twitter is

Nick Burcher said...

Thank you for your comments. I have amended the section on Twitter so that it now shows the correct official Wimbledon Twitter.

I'm a bit confused over page views though, as I got my figures from the Behind the scenes IT section of the Wimbledon website. Also wouldn't 266 billion views work out to be something like 30,000 page views per user????

epredator said...

doh ! yes its million :-) apologies. Late nights :-)

Nick Burcher said...

Apology accepted! Would also be great to know the unique user and page view figures for the 2008 tournament. Do you know when these will be available please?