Friday, 25 July 2008

BBC Olympics ad launched featuring Gorillaz animation and Damon Albarn music

The BBC Olympic ad was shown for the first time last night - airing at 7.27pm on BBC1, BBC2, BBC3, BBC4 and BBC News (the first time the BBC have executed a roadblock across their channels.)

The BBC Olympics ad is inspired by Chinese folk tale 'Journey to the West' and reprises characters from the 1970's childrens TV programme Monkey. Animation was created by Gorillaz animator Jamie Hewlett and the music has been composed by Damon Albarn with lead vocals by Jia Ruhan accompanied by the Tianyaun Choir of Beijing.

This clip will be used throughout the BBC coverage of the Beijing Olympics and the characters will also be used extensively across all of the BBC's Olympic activity. I think we'll be seeing a lot of them over the next 6 weeks!

The BBC are also hoping that this ad will be distributed and watched online, particularly through social media channels. The Olympic ad has been uploaded to both the BBC website and YouTube and it is easy to embed the ad in other areas.

Here is BBC Olympic trail in full (taken from the BBC YouTube channel):

The BBC Olympic ad is different, fresh and will appeal to younger audiences, with creative sitting well in areas such as social networks or on mobile. The production costs have not been released yet, and I guess they will raise a few eyebrows in some areas, but I think the final result is great and I'm looking forward to the Olympics already!

UPDATE: The BBC Olympic ad has been a popular topic with bloggers in my circle of contacts, but, unusually, everyone seems to have written about it independently of everyone else. So quick reference to Rick Lamb who wrote about the BBC Olympics ad at least a day before I did!

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Anonymous said...

My children are scared of this. They shouldn't show it during daytime and especially not in between childrens programmes.

Splurgy said...

To be honest, I can't see why. Children can't be protected from everything.