Friday, 11 July 2008

Daily Mail launches a scathing attack on Google StreetView

The Daily Mail (one of the UK's largest daily newspapers) has today launched a scathing attack on Google StreetView. On the front page the headline is 'Google Spies At Your Door' and on a further spread across pages 5 and 6 articles are headlined 'Beware: You're Being Googled' and 'Invasion That's Almost Criminal'.

The Daily Mail commentary states that Google StreetView 'is good news for snoopers, stalkers, peeping Toms and burglars.'

The full Daily Mail Google StreetView article has 63 comments already and is online here:

So is this just newspaper sensationalism and an opportunity for a 'traditional' media publisher to fight back at Google or is Google StreetView something that people should be concerned about?

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