Sunday, 20 July 2008

Facebook growth in Chile - Las Ultimas Noticias have run a Facebook feature today (and included some of my comments)

Facebook has seen significant growth in Chile this year and Chilean newspaper Las Ultimas Noticias covered the story extensively today. The Facebook article featured some of my comments and my photo was also included on page 3!

Full Las Ultimas Noticias Facebook story - as seen at (click for larger image)

My comments on Facebook growth in Chile were included in the main piece and a box-out (click for larger image)

I ran Facebook statistics by country 2 weeks ago and was surprised to see that Chile had leapt into the top 10 of countries with the highest Facebook use. Indeed when I re-ran the statistics, a further 200,000 users had been recruited in Chile. This brings the total number of Facebook users in Chile to 2,330,440 (impressive considering the total population is only 16.5 million!)

Screenshot of Facebook Ad Program detailing number of Facebook users in Chile (click for larger image)

Facebook is being translated into non-English language versions and Spanish was the first non-English language - launching on 7th February this year. Growth of Facebook usage in Chile coincides with the launch of the Spanish language version and Google Site Trends shows how Facebook usage has grown.

Google Site Trends graph showing growth of Facebook usage in Chile in 2008 (click for larger image)

The launch of Facebook in Spanish can therefore be directly correlated to the increase in Facebook usage in both Chile and Colombia (with both countries now appearing in the top 10 countries by Facebook usage). A bit strange that Facebook in Argentina has not quite followed the same pattern or delivered the same user numbers, but as Facebook expands to over 70 languages I have no doubt that global user numbers will continue to grow!


Total: Facebook Users in Chile: 2,330,040 people

Age: 13-17 years 346,480, 18-24 years 849,540, 25-34 years 762,800, 35-44 years 252,740, 45+ 121,720

Male - Female ratio: 54% of users in are female, 46% male

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