Thursday, 10 July 2008

Flickr as a source of images for publishers? have been trawling Flickr and have emailed me to ask whether they can use one of my Flickr images:

Chinese Coke near Shenzhen station

Chinese Coke at Shenzhen station

My photo was taken outside Shenzhen station in China in Nov 2003 and was my attempt to be arty with a Chinese can of Coke. With all the hand wringing over the Coca-Cola Olympics sponsorship I guess this image takes on a different significance now, hence the NowPublic request? It’s interesting how the passage of time can map a different context onto an image taken 5 years ago – I wonder if there will be another interpretation in 5 years time?

This isn’t the first time I have been contacted by a publisher asking me whether they can use one of my Flickr images though. It seems that Flickr is being used as an image bank by publications, presentation authors and the like. It would be interesting to know the extent to which Flickr images are being replicated, but I guess those are impossible stats to get hold of?

Have you had requests from publishers asking to syndicate images from your Flickr?


Anonymous said...

It's an interesting area this. I saw Flickr images being used on The Guardian the other day with attribution under a creative commons license. The other way of looking at it of-course is to think of Flickr as a content distribution channel and have branded channels and Flickr sets which is not a bad example of distributed publishing...

Nick Burcher said...

Think it's even more interesting now I have seen the deal that Getty Images have done with Flickr. Selected Flickr users will be invited to join a Flickr-branded group on and Getty will sell images from this group to its commercial clients - revenue sharing with the original photographers.