Saturday, 26 July 2008

Google Maps shop window stickers

I saw a sticker in a local shop window earlier today saying that the shop is 'famous' because it is on Google Maps.

Google Maps shop window sticker

It is rare to see Google using non-digital channels to drive people to Google products. Google have run B2B advertising such as Adwords trial inserts and display pages encouraging Adwords experimentation, but I can't recall any other B2C targeted activity encouraging consumer use of Google products.

Intrigued, I looked up 'Google shop window stickers' on Google and have found a range of responses. Apparently the stickers were UK only, a limited run and started being sent out in early 2007. Others have posted about this (eg Dylan Fuller at 'A Fuller View') writing that the stickers have finished and there will be no more (none on Ebay either.)

Ironically (after getting home and opening up Google Maps) I found that the business displaying the sticker isn't actually on Google Maps - other shops in the road are listed, but not the one displaying the sticker! At the same time I also can't help wondering why you would need to look up a shop on Google Maps whilst you are staring into its window????

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Anonymous said...

I remember getting one of these at the company I used to work for. It came with a piece of DM trying to persuade us to plot our location on GM. I think therefore that this was more about G trying to get businesses to put themselves on GM...

In this instance the message was obviously a bit lost!