Sunday, 27 July 2008

Tripwolf launches whilst Schmap Guides offer iPhone application - online travel apps are developing quickly

Tripwolf is a new travel based social network backed by MairDumont (Europe's biggest travel guide publisher.) Located at, Tripwolf uses a Firefoxesque logo and aims to be "a social travel guide that combines professional content with user generated content." Tripwolf has a range of innovative features, including letting users sign into Tripwolf using their Facebook logins and allowing Tripwolf users to import their Facebook profile and social graph.

Tripwolf start page (click for larger image)

Tripwolf is also notable for offering users the ability to create, download and print off their own personal destination guides (based on recommendations from both official MairDumont guides and advice from Tripwolf 'local gurus'):

Tripwolf location guide - Barcelona (click for larger image)

To celebrate the launch of Tripwolf there is a launch party in New York City tomorrow (details can be found below or on the Tripwolf blog:)

Tripwolf launch party - 29th July 2008 - Gallery Bar, Lower East Side / New York City

iPhone is important in this sector and Tripwolf will shortly be releasing an iPhone optimised version of the site, whilst Schmap Travel Guides are already live with their iPhone Guides.

In February Schmap featured one of my photos in their Schmap guide to Gothenburg after picking it up from my Flickr profile. Emma from Schmap has emailed me to tell me that Schmap Guides are now available on iPhone and Emma sent me a mock up to show me how my photo looks in the iPhone version of the Schmap guide to Gothenburg.

iPhone Schmap Guide to Gothenburg (click for larger image)

Travel online continues to evolve. WAYN and Dopplr are steadily increasing in popularity, whilst new launches like Tripwolf spur continued innovation in the sector. The real driver for development though is the continued development of GPS and mobile technology - particularly iPhone (as seen in the Schmap example.)

For a growing number of people, the ability to have travel information or a travel guidebook on a handheld device is preferable to carrying round a traditional guidebook. Furthermore, digital guides can offer more than a traditional travel guide as information can be dynamic, completely up to date and offer the ability to interact with friends / connections in real time.

As iPhone (and other next generation mobile devices) become more ubiquitous, travel related mobile offerings will continue to develop and drive innovation across the travel sector. I believe that online travel sites will evolve significantly over the next 12 months and new launches, site overhauls, mobile integration with GPS and brand extensions will be prominent as the capabilities of the mobile internet start to be properly realised.

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I guess we got pitched by the same companies then ;)

What did you think of the Tripwolf website? I am planning on playing around with it today to decided whether I like it or not...