Friday, 18 July 2008

Twitter visualisation using TwitArc, Twitter Spectrum and Twitter StreamGraphs

We live in a world of ever increasing data and data visualisation is becoming ever more important. Data visualisation is also becoming more mainstream. Wordle seems to be everywhere at the moment and Radiohead’s latest video has been made with data rather than cameras. Data visualisation of social network data is also becoming more prominent and there are some interesting initiatives around Digg (with Digg Labs), Flickr and particularly Twitter.

I have previously written about Twistori and Twittervision / Flickrvision, but today have found the most interesting Twitter visualisations yet!

Jeff Clark at Neoformix is doing great work with Twitter visualisation and is producing tools that can both visualise and compare Twitter data. I have tested TwitArcs, Twitter Spectrum and Twitter StreamGraphs using my own Twitter ID.


Using Summize, "TwitArcs takes the latest 100 tweets for a Twitter ID or term of interest and creates a list representation that has arcs connecting messages sent to the same users or that use the same primary term." Here is the TwitArc for my Twitter ID:

TwitArc for nickburcher on Twitter (click for larger image)

Twitter StreamGraphs

"Twitter StreamGraph lets you create StreamGraphs from the latest 200 tweets containing a given word or from a particular user." Here is the Twitter StreamGraph for my Twitter ID:

Twitter Stream Graph for nickburcher (click for larger image)

Twitter Spectrum

Twitter Spectrum lets you take two related words or Twitter IDs and compares the results, highlighting crossover. One topic is coloured blue, the other red, and the associated words are coloured and positioned based on how highly they are associated with the two topics. Click on any word to see the related tweets. I have compared my Twitter ID with Neil Perkin’s Twitter ID:

nickburcher compared to neilperkin on Twitter (click for larger image)

These are great tools for visualising Twitter data and I will paying close attention to Neoformix to see what Jeff Clark produces next!

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Anonymous said...

Nice. Spectrum looks a little like a Wordle-Twitter-Face-Off. 'Off Dead Fish'. Hmmm. Not very glamorous...