Sunday, 10 August 2008

AdAge Power150 European blog ranking (based on Alexa traffic statistics)

I recently analysed the AdAge Power150 and produced an AdAge Power150 list of the top European marketing and advertising blogs. The scores were taken from the AdAge Power150 and are a weighted combination of statistics - primarily derived from inlinks and traffic.

Since then I have spent a lot of time thinking about social media connectors. What is the most important metric in social media - number of links or volume of traffic?

The AdAge Power150 uses Alexa's traffic measurement and assigns blogs a score of between 1 and 15 according to their traffic (this is up to 10% of the maximum possible Power150 score.) I thought it would therefore be interesting to work out the latest AdAge Power150 European blog ranking and evaluate the blogs using just Alexa traffic metrics - would the most highly ranked European Power150 blogs, also be the European Power150 blogs with the highest number of visitors?

ADAGE POWER 150 EUROPEAN BLOG RANKING (solely based on 1wk Alexa score for 3rd - 10th August 2008):

European traffic RankOverall European rankBlog nameCountryAlexa 1wk score
33I believe in advITA64,726
466Get International ClientsFRA71,983
548Fraser's Affiliate Marketing BlogSCO74,497
669General Marketing BlogENG75,704
77Marketing & Strategy Innovation BlogBEL82,373
954Hobo SEO UK SCO84,275
1142No man is an ilandAUS87,770
148David AireySCO110,853
1522Krishna De's BizGrowth NewsIRE113,068
1635Search Engine Marketing BlogIRE118,343
2032Because the message is the mediumAND149,003
2123Joe La PompeFRA157,335
2218Viral BlogHOL161,355
2360Nick BurcherENG164,399
2410Neville HobsonENG168,103
255Niche MarketingPOL242,783
2625Fresh CreationHOL251,289
27123Ad Operations OnlineIRE253,026
2843PPC BlogENG255,314
2917Behind The BuzzUK263,299
3015Crack UnitENG268,467
3120Talent Imitates, Genius StealsENG277,585
3287Fresh NetworksUK280,911
33113Dragan VaragicRUS297,958
3452Faster FutureENG301,616
35109Money BlogROM311,243
366Russell DaviesENG324,616
3713Only Dead FishENG333,959
3841BeRelevant: Email Marketing Best PracticesBEL341,554
3971The Way Of The WebENG361,253
4038Spinning AroundENG361,646 BlogBEL368,930
4274London CallingENG373,064
4319PR BloggerENG393,747
4411Blog StormENG415,466
4546Technobabble 2.0ENG425,925
4656Wadds Tech PR BlogENG429,431
4782Words Of A Broken MirrorROM434,924
4829The Hidden PersuaderPOR435,884
4916Media CulpaSWE502,478
5021The Engaging BrandENG527,689

The Alexa score is based on traffic over the last week. Whilst the Alexa 1wk score may not be the most statistically robust measurement (or take into account holidays etc), it still gives an interesting insight into what is happening now.

Some prominent Power 150 blogs hold significantly lower positions on the European traffic rank, others (especially the SEO related Power150 blogs) appear much higher when traffic is considered in isolation. The inter-connectedness of the blogosphere is what defines it vs other parts of the internet, however the size of the fluctuations in the list above implies that perhaps the Power150 gives too much credit for links?

FOOTNOTE -Would also like to say hello to the new European blogs on the Power150 who aren't included above:


Amelia said...

Hi Nick - the methodology of the Power 150 is a really smart one, every other "best of" rank just uses a one-dimensional view, rather than the multi-dimensional one that Ad Age uses. It works out to be a much stronger chart, i think.
This is from their site:

* Todd Points (1 to 15): As the only subjective measure in the Power 150 algorithm, 1 to 15 opinion points were assigned to each blog. Todd Andrlik values frequent, relevant, creative and high-quality content. The use of audio, video and graphics is also heavily weighted in the Todd Points.

* Yahoo InLinks (1 to 30): Much like Technorati's InLinks count, Yahoo uses its Site Explorer to tabulate the number of links to a particular blog. We then scale this number down to a 30-point scale.

* Technorati Ranking (1 to 20): Technorati ranking analyzes the number of sites pointing to a particular blog. The more link sources referencing your blog, the higher the Technorati ranking. Similar to the Bloglines Subscribers value, Technorati ranking ranges were determined (i.e., top 9,000, top 10,000, top 20,000, etc.) and each range was assigned a number (1 to 20) that was used in the Power 150 algorithm.

* Technorati Authority (1 to 20): Much like the InLinks count, Technorati's Authority count is the number of blogs (as opposed to individual links) that link to a particular blog. This number is then scale down to a 20-point scale.

* Technorati InLinks (1 to 20): Technorati tallies the number of links to a particular blog, and we then scale that number down to a 20-point scale.

* Alexa Points (1 to 15): Alexa ranks sites with an algorithm that incorporates page views and reach (the percentage of all web users who have visited that particular site). For the Power 150, we take that rank and assign it a proportional score between 1 and 15 and factor it into a blog's total score.

* Bloglines Subscribers (1 to 10): Bloglines displays the number of feed subscribers. Subscriber ranges were determined (i.e., more than 20, more than 30, etc.) and each range was assigned a number (1 to 15) that was used in the Power 150 algorithm.

* Google PageRank (0 to 10): Google PageRank is a link-analysis algorithm that interprets web links and assigns a numerical weighting (0 to 10) to each site. High-quality sites receive a higher PageRank. The actual PageRank number was used in the Power 150 ranking algorithm.

* Collective Intellect (0 to 10): Collective Intellect is a social media analytics company that works with brands to evaluate consumer opinion, measure buzz, identify customer sentiment and manage corporate reputations at the industry, company, brand, campaign and messaging levels. For the Power 150, Collective Intellect's authority ranking uses a patent-pending algorithm to calculate an author's authority on a topic, including such measures as link-analysis between on-topic posts, topic density, author's percent of contribution to the topic, number of comments and post quality.

Joost de Valk said...

First off: Alexa is a very poor way of measuring traffic :) Second: where am I? :)

Nick Burcher said...

Hi Amelia / Joost,

I know that traffic isn't the only metric to look at but I found it interesting to seperate out European blogs from the Power 150 and just look at Alexa score (compared to the last time when I did this and used the overall Power150 scores.)

I agree that the power150 has a clever formula but part of me still thinks it is weighted too much in favour of links (with Yahoo inlinks and 3 technorati metrics). If you rank the blogs just using link metrics the positions don't change much versus the normal Power 150 listing, however if you only look at the traffic score the positions vary significantly.

I think that part of it is in line with what you say Joost, that Alexa is easily manipulated (unsurprisingly money, SEO and Affiliate blogs all rank highly on Power 150 Alexa scores), I think the other part could be down to the fact that the more corporate / company blogs have a naturally larger user base - maybe the Power150 should split into 2 rankings, a corporate blog rank and a personal list?

The reason for doing this though is that I can't help thinking that both traffic and number of links are important. In traditional media if you plan a magazine campaign you look for a core group of magazines with high pass on readership and relevant editorial (not necessarily the titles with the highest sales) which you then supplement with high circulating less widely read titles to ensure that the campaign has enough reach / impact (monthly magazines vs newspaper supplements).

Planning formula is %reach x frequency = Gross rating points

For evaluating blogs in social media marketing I think it is useful to think in a similar way. I think the Power150 goes a long way towards giving an overall view, but as evidenced by the differences between the overall European rank and the European traffic rank, I think the Power150 could be even more useful if it took out one of the Technorati metrics?

Nick Burcher said...

and Joost, you are 12th highest European website based on full Power 150 score and around the same position if I only look at Yahoo inlinks / Technorati score, however your site drops to 70th Power150 European website if the only metric is Alexa traffic for last week.

Think this illustrates what I'm trying to say?!

Joost de Valk said...

Yeah I guess I need to spam Alexa more :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick, cheers for the link-love. I might be new to the Euro blogs, but I've been blogging for a couple of years now from Montreal. It's always nice to be part of a new community though!


Anonymous said...

Hi Nick!

Thanks for the link!
The AdAge Power150 European blog ranking is a very good idea. It would be great if we could monitor ranking list of different continents directly from without drawing up the whole thing like you did (BTW Again...loved it!)


Anonymous said...

Hi NIck,

This is great. I'm quite new to all this - happily but blindly feeling my way around the blogging world but it's nice to part of it,

thanks for making it that bit more interesting...


Anonymous said...

It is really great to see my 6-month-old blog as number 4 for Europe. So high on this list for such a young blog!

I think the idea of listing by different categories is interesting, I made a list that broke out European sites following the AdAge list, and never thought to look at the different categories as stand alone.

geovani said...

There are only two slight limitations in their model that I can see. The first is that it only looks at a small subset of sites where engagement can happen so some large sites (such as a social network on Ning, or a Facebook group) where there may be lots of discussion can get ignored. The sites AideRSS uses are also very US-centric, which means that significant international discussions could often get ignored. The second limitation is that some of the blog-wide metrics that could complete the picture of blog influence, such as number of RSS subscribers or affiliations of a blogger are missing - so it's not a complete picture of blog influence.

Viral Marketing

Unknown said...

Alexa is a very important benchmark to determine the rankings and traffic of sites. Google is placed at the 2nd position as per Alexa rankings and traffic rankings and is facing tough competition from and of course Yahoo.

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