Wednesday, 6 August 2008

How do you use Twitter? Video montage by Biz Stone and the growing trend of Twitter outreach

Last year when I first had to describe Twitter, I explained it as 'a bit like Facebook status updates except you can do them from your mobile phone' (!) Twitter is clearly much more than this and various users are posting about how they use it.

Amongst others, Inside CRM describe Twitter as a 'marketing tool, feedreader, tracking device, communication tool and news breaker' and have detailed 101 everyday uses for Twitter. Tamar Weinberg on Techipedia has also written a post about the many ways that Twitter is useful.

As the phenomenal growth of Twitter continues, one of the Twitter founders, Biz Stone, has now put together a video montage of Twitter users from New York and San Francisco describing what Twitter means to them:

How Do You Use Twitter? from biz stone on Vimeo

As Twitter evolves, there are some great opportunities for organisations to use Twitter to distribute content and tune in to buzz around brands and products. Twitter data can be visualised and there are some interesting examples of companies responding to grievances voiced through Twitter.

The importance of social media as a marketing channel is growing. Whilst the Twitter user base may be small in comparison to Facebook / MySpace, the multitude of ways with which Twitter can be used make it an important constituent that shouldn't be ignored!

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Anonymous said...

I love Twitter but I think it'll have to evolve and adapt to its community's needs if it wants to remain at the top