Saturday, 16 August 2008

My 'Berocca Blogger's Relief Pack' has arrived!

I originally learnt of the Berocca Blogger's Relief campaign through a post on the Beam Team site and decided to apply after seeing a further Berocca Blogger's Relief post on Buzz Attitude. Since then I have seen a number of discussions and posts about the Berocca Blogger's Relief Pack (nicely summarised by Rick) - but I was still ensure whether I would actually get one.

Well this morning we took delivery of a parcel and my Berocca Blogger's Relief Pack was inside:

Contents of my Berocca Blogger's Relief Pack

A stress ball, bubble wrap key ring, Dead Fred pen holder, Berocca glass, Panic Button, Berocca pen and a packet of Berocca - accompanied by a letter explaining that this is 'just the start of what Berocca will be doing with bloggers'. The letter goes on to say that Berocca will also be linking to blog coverage from the Berocca Blogger's Relief website.

The context for this campaign is well thought out (newspapers report that blogging is stressful, Berocca respond with a 'Bloggers Relief Pack') and whilst a bit more personalisation may have been nice, I have been more than happy to receive my pack - and write about it accordingly......

Thank you Berocca!

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Anonymous said...

I love the pen holder ;)