Thursday, 7 August 2008

Paris Hilton responds to John McCain - showing online video can work just as well as TV

Video content can be created simply and quickly and then distributed online to a wide audience in a short space of time. Whilst big budget TV ads are still used to reach mass audiences, if seeded cleverly, online video can also deliver large view numbers (often for a fraction of the cost.)

A great example of this is the Paris Hilton response to John McCain's recent TV ad that criticises Obama's celebrity status:

John McCain's original celebrity ad (note use of annotation at end of video):

Paris Hilton's response to John McCain's celebrity ad:

See more Paris Hilton videos at Funny or Die

"Paris Hilton McCain ad" is currently one of the top 30 Google searches in the US and the Paris Hilton McCain video response is being both watched and talked about across a wide audience (31651 references currently on Google Blog Search). This shows how viral video can create significant buzz and coverage (equal to TV?) However, proper benchmarking in this area will become more and more important and availability of data sources like YouTube Insight are essential to encourage / develop advertising support.

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