Monday, 4 August 2008

Robot Closet accused of being a 'sex machine' - Google's Lively in the news again

The Robot Closet in Google's Lively is apparently being misused as a sex machine. According to the Second Life Herald (and picked up by Mashable):

"Google claims their Lively 3D chatroom is a de-sexualized platform where players can safely interact with each other. But the players have other ideas, and have even found a way have virtual sex - using a piece of furniture provided by Google."

However, I am not sure I can see what the fuss is about. Out of curiousity, I added a Robot Closet to my Lively Room and followed the instructions in the Second Life Herald article. I think you really have to use your imagination to deem the following to be erotic / sexual:

Google Lively Robot Closet pre-activation

Google Lively Robot Closet with wandering arms - a 'sexual experience'?

There are clearly a number of issues that Google need to urgently address to protect young teens using Lively (particularly to prevent grooming and inappropriate sexual suggestion), but on first glance demonising the Robot Closet seems a little over the top?

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