Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Tutu wearing horse impressionist streaks at Olympics equestrian event

A man wearing black shoes, a horse thong and a pink tutu delayed the start of the individual Olympic showjumping on Saturday. The tutu wearing interloper entered the arena, cantered around in a horse like fashion and vaulted a fence before being taken away by the Chinese authorities!

The only places I have seen this mentioned though are on Russian news site RIA Novosti and a forum on thehorse.com - and I can't find any photos. The post on thehorse.com also states that the tutu wearer had an advertising slogan on his chest, but neglects to mention who it was for.

So what on the surface seems like an off-the-wall 'and finally' story, is actually an advertising stunt promoting something. It hasn't worked though as the tutu wearer was dragged away by the Chinese authorities and the stunt has failed to gain any real coverage.

Thanks to a comment by ThespianSheldon below, I now know that the tutu horse impressionist was advertising something Mania.com (still don't know the first bit!) The link noted has a photo:

Olympic Horse tutu streaker, photo from www.stern.de and copyright Caren Firouz / Reuters

Originally I assumed that Golden Palace would be behind this as it sounded like the sort of thing they had done previously...........

At the 2004 Athens Olympics, Golden Palace casino sponsored someone to gatecrash one of the Olympic diving events. Dressed in polka dot tights, a blue tutu and sporting a Golden Palace tattoo, Canadian Ron Bensimhon jumped from the 3 metre board shortly before the start of the Men's synchronised springboard diving event. Whilst www.goldenpalace.com visits jumped 53 percent on the day of the stunt, Mr. Bensimhon has since been sentenced to 5 months in prison for 'interrupting the Olympics.'

Tutu wearing Ron Bensimhon interrupts 2004 Olympic diving on behalf of Golden Palace casino (image credit; Associated Press)

A summary of Golden Palace sponsored streaking can be found at winner online with more at Casino Meister 25/7/03. The summary of Golden Palace streaking includes Mark Roberts streaking at the World Swimming Championships and the UEFA Cup Final. It also includes semi-naked, tattoo wearing Laura Gosling trying to approach British Open winner Ben Curtis and Brittney Skye in similar state of undress interrupting the US Open presentation ceremony.

The Athens stunt seemed to mark the end of Golden Palace advertising through streaker tattoos and the Beijing equestrian interruption would appear to be from someone else trying to emulate the success that Golden Palace had with sponsored streaking. However, whilst recent developments in social media may make it easier to distribute news of this sort of marketing, I think the novelty has already worn off and I can't think of many brands who would want to associate themselves with event disruption of this nature?

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