Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Wordle view of European AdAge Power 150

Rick Liebling recently put the titles of the entire Power150 list into Wordle. It churned out a graphic that highlighted the words 'Marketing', 'Blog' and 'PR' - rather than highlighting 'media' or 'advertising.' I have previously analysed this blog using Wordle, but thought it would be interesting to repeat Rick's experiment using the European Power 150 blog list:

Wordle for the titles of the European blogs on the Power150 (click for larger image)
or click here to see it on Wordle

Whilst there are some interesting themes like 'Brand', 'Digital', 'Strategy', 'Social' and 'SEO', ideas like 'London', 'Living' and 'Simon' (!) are also evident. However, the main trend is in line with what Rick found when he analysed the whole list - key words are 'Marketing', 'Blog' and 'PR.'

Yet another way of using Wordle!

UPDATE: AdAge Power150 European blog ranking July 2009 here

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Anonymous said...

Shame that 'Fish' didn't come up ;)

Anonymous said...


Interesting also that 'herd' is in there. I think PR has perhaps benefitted more than any other discipline from the Web 2.0 shift. Talking directly with consumers, in fact having a dialogue with them, is something PR is almost uniquely qualified for.