Monday, 22 September 2008

Banksy New Orleans stolen! Katrina tributes removed and others covered up by the 'Gray Ghost'

'Banksy in New Orleans for Katrina anniversary' was a story that I wrote about a few weeks ago. Since the initial Banksy New Orleans post, much of the Banksy New Orleans graffiti has been stolen or covered up.

Photos are now online and show the stolen Banksy New Orleans work or Banksy New Orleans graffiti being covered:

Banksy New Orleans Bugle BoyBanksy New Orleans Bugle Boy

Banksy New Orleans stolen Bugle BoyPhoto showing the stolen Banksy New Orleans bugle boy

Banksy New Orleans RatBanksy New Orleans rat (bottom left of the door)

Banksy New Orleans stolen RatPhoto of the stolen Banksy New Orleans rat

Banksy New Orleans marching bandBanksy New Orleans marching band

Banksy New Orleans Marching Band Gray GhostPhoto of the 'Gray Ghost' painting over the Banksy New Orleans marching band

More images can be found at slamxhype and Supertouch.

The online dissemination of the Banksy New Orleans graffiti raised awareness of some of the issues that persist in New Orleans. The Banksy New Orleans graffiti also drew attention to aspects of the Katrina disaster that I was not aware of previously - there were powerful images, such as Abraham Lincoln in a rocking chair, and the fridge piece prompted me to investigate its relevance (the 'Katrina fridge' became a symbolic reminder of the hurricane.)

The Banksy New Orleans graffiti may well be disappearing, but it persists virtually and continues to deliver an interesting alternative insight to Katrina and its after effects.

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Anonymous said...

Please do not print photos with addresses or identifying street names in them or blur out those IDs
Otherwise the Ghost will get them or some fucked up art patron.

anthonyturducken said...

thats not the grey ghost painting on the blue building. it is a guy from the auto repair shop across the street. he painted his motorcycle club logo - gulf coast dragons


the addresses were published in a big story in the local newspaper.

tosca said...

Are most of these pieces gone (as in stolen/painted over) now? Was really hoping to hunt some up while over there from NZ this February. Gutted.

anthonyturducken said...

some are still up. her is a map: