Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Coke Zero Zero 7, My Coke and Becks Canvas - bottle labels as brand platforms

According to the Creative Intelligence blog Coke Zero is set to rebrand its bottles in the UK as part of a tie up with the new James Bond film Quantum of Solace. The Coke Zero Zero 7 bottles will have a distinct Bond design and Creative Intelligence have highlighted the new Coke Zero Zero 7 design:

The limited edition Coke Zero Zero 7 James Bond bottles

Coke Zero Zero 7 comes after the innovative Design The World A Coke initiative around the Beijing Olympics where limited edition Olympic Coke bottles were released and through mycoke.com consumers were able to create their own bottle designs, upload them to a gallery and mash them up with designs created by other users:

The Limited Edition Coca-Cola Olympic bottles featuring designs from 8 Chinese artists

The Design The World A Coke mash up site

I was also intrigued to see limited edition labelling on Becks bottles in my local off licence yesterday:

Becks Canvas limited edition art bottles

These Becks bottles are part of the Becks Canvas project where Becks have given 4 Royal College of Art students a platform to share their art. Tom Price, Charlotte Bracegirdle, Riita Ikonen and Simon Cunningham have all been given the opportunity to show case their images on Becks bottles through the Becks Canvas project.

Becks Canvas website screengrab

Limited edition packaging is an interesting brand differentiation at point of sale and I think the Coke Zero Zero 7 tie up, the Coke Olympic designs and the Becks Canvas project are great ways of creating talking points and enhancing products. If this is a trend I wonder who will be next?

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