Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Coldplay new single 'Lost!' announced through email, with video seeded on YouTube and artwork published through the Coldplay site

Coldplay's next single will be Lost! It will be released as a four-track, digital-only EP on November 10th across the world.

In advance of the Lost! release Coldplay are streaming the video for Lost! through the Coldplay website here and have also seeded the Lost! video through YouTube:

Details of the Lost! release were sent by email to the Coldplay email database that was populated with the email addresses of those who registered for the free 'Violet Hill' download.

Volume 3 of the 'Coldplay Messenger' announces the release details of new Coldplay single 'Lost!'

The Lost! artwork has also been published through the EMI / Coldplay site:

The artwork for new Coldplay single 'Lost!'

Whilst I am not necessarily a Coldplay fan, I do continue to be impressed by Coldplay's use of the digital space. Coldplay is now arguably more of a brand than a band and Coldplay digital marketing activity is enhancing fan engagement.

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