Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Cuil revisited - one month on is it worth a second look?

New Google-killing Search Engine launched just over a month ago. Cuil got enormous PR and then crashed and burnt as blogger after blogger entered their name, couldn't find their site in the Cuil listings and then wrote about how underwhelmed they were.

Alexa traffic ranking shows how severely the launch interest has tailed off:

On launch day Cuil could not find my blog or anything associated with my name. However, looking again today it produces a wide range of results with my blog in number one position, followed by various comments I have made on other blogs and links to YouTube videos I have uploaded:

Cuil results for 'Nick Burcher' (click for larger image)

The results are really clean as well. Google includes results for 'Nick Butcher' and other variants whereas the Cuil listings only include 'Nick Burcher' (even though I haven't put punctuation around my name.) I was actually really impressed today and hope that Cuil can now start again and build up some momentum.

There was also one particularly interesting result. A link to Restaurants of The World points to a page on that details restaurants in the town of Burcher in Australia. Randomly this page pulls in various photos of me and photos from my Flickr account to supplement their pizza restaurant results! I think its clever that Cuil have been able to identify the fact that this page uses my images and may be of interest to me - but I'm not sure I really understand how restaurants of the world have decided to pull in my photos...........

It still has the bizarre name but I definitely think Cuil is worth a second look!

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