Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Have you dated this woman?

I saw a poster today that asked the question 'Have you dated this woman?' with a web address of fly poster

It's the sort of thing that intrigues me, so I went to the web address and found this:

Then underneath the video is some text saying:

"Please Leave a Message
I'm sorry I missed you. Let’s get together on Friday at 9. Until then please leave me a message"

with visitors allowed to leave comments.

So it's for a new American CBS show called 'The Ex-List' where a woman is trying to get in touch with all her past boyfriends, because a psychic has told her she has already met 'the one.'

Not sure whether it's my sort of programme, but I like the idea of using underground activity / flyposting to drive users to a specific URL, then allowing users to comment and share the video or trailer clips through their blog or social network.

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Anonymous said...

i saw this on a poster taped to a pole with the little pull tabs. i save one of the tabs. the number is 1-877-7-BELLA1, if anyone is interested.

Anonymous said...

It's sounds like she is HIV positive! Who would ever call such a scary sign