Monday, 29 September 2008

Les Ross interviews Hardeep Singh Kohli on BBC WM - the ultimate real life Alan Partridge moment?

Les Ross recently interviewed Hardeep Singh Kohli on BBC WM. This interview has been widely billed as 'the worst ever radio interview' with Les Ross asking questions such as "Are you Asian British Scottish, or British Scottish Asian? It's very important to get them all in the right order these days isn't it?" Les Ross also confuses Kohli's book about Indian Cooking with Kohli's Radio 4 series about partition between India, Pakistan and Bangladesh ("I thought it was that with fish and chips thrown in.")

Martin Kelner wrote more about the Les Ross / Hardeep Singh Kohli interview in the Guardian today under the headline 'Knowing me, knowing very little about the subject aha!' and there has been widespread internet discussion about this piece of local radio.

The internet preserves moments such as this and through the embeddable clips below I can share this interview with anyone - local radio with a global audience. So enjoy the excruciating listen that is Les Ross interviewing Hardeep Singh Kohli - Alan Partridge would be proud!

Audio clip:

Audio clip through YouTube:

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Anonymous said...

dear god!!

what a prick!!

Anonymous said...

Les Ross was unprepared, but I've witnessed the attitude problems of Hardeep before (The Apprentice does Comic Relief and Radio 5's Friday Film Review) so I have a little sympathy for Ross.
If anyone can find a clip of Hardeep on 5 Live I'd love to hear it again, he gave a 15 minute monologue on how to make films, it was very strange, he is a sad, know-it-all prick with a very large chip on his shoulder because he's Asian. It's a shame because I've seen him be quite funny and witty on the odd occasion.