Friday, 12 September 2008

QR codes evolving as Insqribe offers improved functionality

Danny from Insqribe has emailed me about a new QR code application. (QR codes are the barcodes that can be scanned by mobile phone cameras and then automatically prompt the handset to load up the corresponding web page on the phones browser.)

I previously wrote about how QR codes are ubiquitous in Japan, however the Insqribe application could further develop them and help their take up in other markets.

Insqribe is a new web app that 'makes it easier to create and manage QR codes for practical applications. You can create links, upload files, create mini sites, and redirect them any time you please without having to create and publish a new code.'

Once you have created a code, you can go back and change the content underneath it. This would appear to be an improvement on the current situation where things like QR codes, tinyURL's etc cannot be changed once they have been published.

The Insqribe app also offers flexibility to QR codes by enabling them to contain more information, and a greater variety of information, than they have been able to hold to date - potentially widening the use of QR codes. For example a new feature is the ability to use a QR code to point to your Twitter - thus one bar code points to all your messages!

If you can keep a consistent QR code regardless of whether content changes, then you can keep a consistent visual identity without it having an expiry date. It therefore becomes a lot easier to incorporate QR codes into promotional / advertising materials, because it will always point to current content.

Interesting development and hope that it prompts wider take up of QR codes - typing web addresses into mobile browsers is extremely irritating!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Nick,

Thanks for the post and congratulations on a great blog.

Glad you like the site. We have lots more social interaction coming soon. Twitter was just the beginning.

We're really working hard to ensure we get in all the features people need and want, so if you or any of your readers have a suggestions feel free to let us know at You can also get updated news on our twitter account,

Thanks again fo the post and all the good reading on here. Keep in touch.

Danny @ insqribe

Nick Burcher said...

I think QR codes are a really exciting area. The iPhone availability, inclusion on Google's Android platform and the integration of existing readers into handsets like the N95 indicates that QR codes are about to take off properly.

If they do, then the ability to integrate complex content into them will be important. I like your Twitter QR code and will keep a look out for new Insqribe developments!