Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Sarah Palin 1984 Miss Alaska swimsuit competition and Barack Obama high school basketball - YouTube brings old clips back to life

A picture of Sarah Palin holding a gun and wearing a bikini saw wide circulation on the internet before it was denounced as Photoshop fake.

Fake Sarah Palin bikini photo courtesy

However, there is now real footage of Sarah Palin modelling in a swimsuit. Video of Sarah Heath / Sarah Palin at the Miss Alaska Pageant 1984 has been uploaded to YouTube and is receiving large amounts of views:

YouTube users have also uploaded archive footage of Barack Obama playing basketball at High School:

We are now in an age where political parties no longer need to do things like this:

2001 UK Labour party poster with William Hague morphed with Margaret Thatcher

Or this:

1997 UK Conservative Party poster - Tony Blair with Demon Eyes

Internet savvy electorates are now more than capable of creating their own political propaganda and this is a trend that will continue to grow. In years to maybe we'll see negative and satirical campaigning entirely outsourced to the public, allowing politicians to take the moral high ground and focus on the issues? Who needs official ads involving Paris Hilton etc if the online community will create this sort of thing themselves?

From now on no politician is safe from Photoshop virals or random YouTube users uploading high school / early life video and bringing it to a global audience.........

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