Monday, 8 September 2008

Twitter Song - "You're no-one if you're not on Twitter"!

Ben Walker has created a Twitter Song and based the title on a tweet - "You're no-one if you're not on Twitter'!


Ben Walker took inspiration from Johnathan Coulton (who has previously created a Flickr song using a mashup of Flickr creative commons images for the video.) On his blog Ben Walker dreams of internet fame and states - 'I am a card-carrying geek and I love writing quirky pop songs about geeky things. So I have a chance at internet superstardom. Now, if only I had a breakthrough hit song that was guaranteed to go hyperviral the second it hits the Twitterverse…' - 'You're no-one if you're not on Twitter' may fulfil his wishes.

A bit silly, but entertaining and may well bring Ben the internet stardom he seeks!

Hat tip to Media Culpa for the link.

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Anonymous said...

Nice :)

(bet let's remember that 99,8% pf the world population doesn't use/visit twitter)

Nick Burcher said...

But maybe user numbers will increase once this song is a global smash hit?!