Wednesday, 24 September 2008

'Wario Land: Shake It' YouTube takeover destroys YouTube page to promote new Nintendo Wii game!

'Wario Land: Shake It' is a new Nintendo Wii game and as part of the marketing around the launch a Wario Land promo video has been added to YouTube. However, rather than being a normal video, 'Wario Land: Shake It' shakes the whole YouTube page and destroys all the headings and captions as it plays!

Screengrabs from the 'Wario Land: Shake It' YouTube film (click for larger images):

The 'Wario Land: Shake It' video is a great use of YouTube and has received over 500,000 views in just a few days! More importantly the 'Wario Land: Shake It' seems to have received a large amount of ratings and embeds and is sure to spread further as more people discover it and forward links.

The video can be accessed here:

Hat tips to Funkadelic Advertising and Digital Examples for highlighting this!

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Anonymous said...

Also check out the Castrol Youtube Channel Takeover. Its like an interactive game and believe me its Awesome !!