Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Barack Obama Wassup 2008 - original Wassup ad remade in support of Obama

I have been deliberately avoiding the Presidential election as a blog topic (as there is far too much discussion about this already), but couldn't resist writing about how Charles Stone III has re-united the original cast members from the 2000 Budweiser Wassup commercial and re-made it as a pro-Obama Wassup video (though this is not Budweiser endorsed as they no longer lease the concept.)

In the new Wassup film the characters' lives have all changed for the worse in the last 8 years, with Wassup characters suffering with various issues - Iraq, freak weather, the stock market and the cost of prescription drugs. Then the final part of Wassup 2008 reveals a pro-Barack Obama message!

The original Wassup ad is here:

The 2008 Obama endorsing Wassup film is here:

This clip has been viewed 2.5m times since being uploaded on 24th Oct - clever stuff!

Hat tip to Brand Republic for highlighting this.

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1 comment:

Chris Arnold said...

Be interesting to see if the media and those using media continue to show such support for Obama when he wins...