Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Facebook Mobile click to call functionality on Status Updates - Facebook brings 'the cloud' to mobile phone books!

I checked Facebook on my mobile earlier and saw that a new feature has been added on mobile status updates - Facebook click to call!

On desktop Facebook you are given the opportunity to 'Comment' on Friends status updates.

On mobile Facebook there has always been a 'message' button underneath Friends status updates, but today there is the option to 'Call' as well (only on Friends who have included mobile numbers in their profile.)

I can't screengrab from mobile so this is a mock up of what the Facebook mobile status click to call looks like:

Nick Burcher has just found the click to call function on Facebook statuses!
5 minutes ago
Message Call

Who needs to worry about storing contacts in an address book or contact list from now on? Why hurriedly write all your phone numbers on a piece of paper when you upgrade your handset? With more and more operators offering free mobile Facebook access, Facebook have just brought 'the cloud' to mobile phone books and contact lists!

Facebook status click to call means users will now be able to access their Friends numbers on the go from any phone or wifi device - clever stuff!

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