Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Microsoft Live Search competitions promoted in UK newspapers - 'Any Search Can Win'

Microsoft have launched their latest initiative to grow Live Search volumes, a Live Search competition where 'any search can win.'

Live Search Big Snap home page

Hosted at www.bigsnapsearch.com, every search made produces a pair of snap cards on the page header - if they match, the searcher wins John Lewis department store vouchers.

This initiative is being promoted in UK newspapers with a series of ads running in each edition:

Live Search press ads promoting the Big Snap competition

Microsoft have recently run Live Search promotional activity around the Indiana Jones film, have introduced a Cashback scheme for purchases made through Live Search and have also added Live Search to Facebook.

Whilst Google pride themselves on having reached dominance through strength of product and organic growth, this latest Microsoft marketing activity is yet another example of how determined Microsoft are to grow their Search volumes - and in the current economic climate it could be an offer that consumers find enticing.

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