Friday, 31 October 2008

'Post your pumpkin!' Social Halloween.......

Google may have changed their logo to a Halloween theme and various people may be pimping their MySpace with Halloween graphics, but even more people seem to be posting photos of their own, real life, pumpkins in their social spaces.

We carved a pumpkin this year and after the snow in London I posted it to my Facebook and Flickr:

Our London snow pumpkin! (as posted on Flickr)

I was intrigued to see that it got more views than I was expecting in a short space of time (viral pumpkin?) and using the new Flickr analytics tools I was able to see where they had come from:

Flickr analytics showing traffic sources for my Pumpkin views (click for larger image)

Someone had posted a Twitter link to my pumpkin and using Summize / Twitter Search I was able to track it down the person who posted it:

Twitter Search finds the Twitter perpetrator of my Pumpkin traffic

Posting our pumpkin has given a good demonstration of how things go viral and how you can use social tools to track it - though our effort may not have had as much traffic as this 'Predator pumpkin':

(Hat tip to epredator for the link)

Happy Halloween!

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