Saturday, 18 October 2008

Radiohead Reckoner Remix project - 4 days left for submissions and 1182 remixes submitted so far!

Radiohead's latest remix project is for another track from the In Rainbows album - 'Reckoner.' The Reckoner remix site has been running since mid-September and there are just 4 days left to submit Reckoner remixes.

Once uploaded, site users can listen to the tracks and vote for their favourite Reckoner remixes. It is possible to generate a Reckoner Remix Widget / badge that can be used to promote Reckoner remixes on Facebook / MySpace / social network profiles:

Radiohead previously ran an initiative like this around 'Nude' which saw 2,252 remixes submitted and 461,090 votes (with the Nude remix site getting 29,090,134 page views generated from 6,193,776 unique visits.) Whilst the consensus is that Reckoner is a harder track to remix, there have still been 1,186 remixes uploaded so far and 22 Reckoner remixes gaining over 1000 votes each - it looks like the Reckoner remix project has also been well received by the public!

It is also interesting to note that the official video for Reckoner is fan generated too:

After running a competition on Aniboom (where users were encouraged to produce their own videos for tracks from the In Rainbows album), Radiohead were so impressed with the work of 'Virtual Lasagne' (Clement Picon) that they have requested that his video become the official video for Reckoner.

Radiohead are continuing to open up their content and the open sourcing of remixes and videos is producing some interesting results. This openness is also gaining Radiohead new fans, whilst creating deeper engagements with their existing fan base - clever stuff and looking forward to seeing the final numbers for the Reckoner Remix project!

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