Thursday, 2 October 2008 advertising on London Underground are running a poster campaign at London Underground stations. I have seen posters in central London tube stations at Warren Street and Goodge Street. The posters have the headline 'Start Networking - Not Just Linkin' and encourage people to join 'Europes No. 1 business platform.' poster at Goodge Street underground station poster at Warren Street underground station

It is very difficult to get users to switch from one social network to another as users invest significant time setting up their profiles and building out contact networks. With business platforms it may be easier as the user time per month is significantly less then the time users spend with Facebook etc - however I don't know how many people (other than me) would investigate / join after seeing this poster?


Another version from Charing Cross underground station:

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Unknown said...

old school advertising to build online traffic? all sounds very 2001 to me

Anonymous said...

Strange decision by a web 2.0 network - very offline branding and unmeasurable which goes against the principles of web 2.0 direct marketing.

I know Xing have had some difficulty breaking into the UK and have previously tried to target the IT sector, have organised some events and tried renting email lists and viral games to little effect. Linked'in and Facebook are too strong and every other network is here.

Also Thomas Power has been trying to convince Xing to buy the spammers paradise and MLM haven that is Ecademy for some time now. Seems Xing preferred to pay for ads on the Tube that flush their money down the completely U-bend :)

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Xing play basketball for China?