Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Coldcut and TV Sheriff mash the Presidential election - awesome video mix of campaign highlights

A wide range of commentators have been reviewing the Presidential election campaigns, however Coldcut and TV Sheriff have approached this from a different angle, producing an awesome video / music mash up of key campaign soundbites - "a drum&bass powered all-out AV assault on an American media machine in psychotic overdrive for the Presidential election."

You don't have to agree with the politics behind it to appreciate the phenomenal production behind 'Coldcut vs TV Sheriff "Revolution 08"':

This contrasts with Kristi Vandenbosch's mashup of the highlights from the Presidential primaries - equally interesting but very different approach to production:

Press reviews may produce deeper analysis, but in 3 - 5 minutes there is no doubt that these video mashups bring the campaigns to life more effectively.

Hat tip to Greenormal for the Coldcut link.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Now that Obama has won - I hope Obama Girl can just disappear. It's time for serious people for serious times.