Sunday, 9 November 2008

Dorito's Super Bowl TV ad competition - 1 week left to submit a UGC TV ad and win $1,000,000!

For Super Bowl 43 Dorito's are continuing with their User Generated Super Bowl TV ads.

***UPDATE: Results and winning Dorito's video at foot of this post***

This year Dorito's are giving each of their five selected finalists a prize of $25,000. The winner will then have their Dorito's ad screened in Super Bowl 43 and if it takes top spot on the USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter, then Dorito's will pay a $1,000,000 bonus to the creator!

Dorito's 'Crash The Super Bowl' website homepage

Deadline for entries is November 16 with all details on

Dorito's 'Crash The Super Bowl' submission / gallery page

So far there have been 242 Dorito's Super Bowl video submissions. The most viewed Dorito's video having 8871 views, while the top 10 most watched Dorito's videos account for a total of 55,309 views.

The current leader on view counts is 'Take Your Pick' by 'DIRECTEDBYDAVID' with the strapline 'one man has a big decision to make':

Not sure I like this as much as the Dorito's mouse from earlier this year:

or the 'Live Your Flavour' Dorito's ads from 2007:

However, the Dorito's competition still seems to be creating buzz and it will be interesting to see if 'Take Your Pick' is the final winner or if a last-minute submission can take the prize.

The winning ad for Dorito's was by the Herbert Brothers and was called 'Crystal Ball':

Doritos: Crystal Ball from MySpace TV

and yes Dorito's went on to top the USA Today Ad Meter, winning the Herbert Brothers $1million :

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Anonymous said...

did you see this one?

i like it better then the current views/hits leader.