Monday, 17 November 2008

Facebook mobile - mobile status 'Comments' the latest driver of Facebook mobile growth

Facebook recently enhanced mobile Facebook by adding the ability to leave 'Comments' on friends status'.

Even though it was not launched with any great fanfare, mobile 'Comments' have been widely used since the feature was enabled - with 1 million mobile status Comments published within the first 24 hours of the feature being available!

Facebook mobile usage continues to increase, with the volume of mobile Facebook users increasing from 5 million users to 15 million users over the course of 2008. Facebook users are clearly hungry to update their content on the go and Facebook's mobile platform is continually evolving to meet that need.

With the evolution of devices and data plans, we seem to be quickly heading down a route where social networking becomes platform independent - and when this happens our social network profiles will become our 'life hub' / the centre of everything we do. Lifestreaming is growing and our mobile 'device' will be the key facilitator - 2008 may not have been the spectacular 'year of mobile' that everyone expected, but habits are changing and social networking may be the tipping point that drives the mobile take up that everyone hoped for.

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

so i have been trying for days. u cant comment on ppl's facebook? i cant comment status, post msg on walls, only update my status.