Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Kirill - Microsoft mini series launched through Facebook

Microsoft have launched a mini-series called 'Kirill'. Utilising Microsoft's Silverlight technology, Kirill has been produced by Endemol, is sponsored by XBox 360 and seems to have a similar feel to Lost:

"Three scientists have vanished. Two bloggers are under siege. One man has an urgent message to deliver. None of them are safe."

The Kirill series consists of 10 three minute episodes that will be periodically released and can be watched through the Kirill Facebook page or through the Kirill Microsoft micro-site at

Kirill Facebook page

Kirill microsite

The Kirill Microsoft site has more functionality and information about some of the other characters with links to web teasers such as:

Vivian Villars' blog -

Vivian's blog (click for larger image)

Stuart Patricks' blog -

Stuart Patrick's blog (click for larger image)

(* obviously all blogs hosted on Windows Live Spaces)

Nomi website -

Nomi website

The Kirill micro site also has an 'Extras' area which shows off Silverlight capabilities, as users are able to zoom in to Kirill assets and see the high detail that Silverlight facilitates:

Kirill Extras area

Using Silverlight in 'Extras' to zoom to super close up of a character's face

Microsoft's Kirill is an innovative / engaging way of promoting Silverlight and showing what it can do. Intriguing to see Microsoft producing their own content to promote Silverlight and it will be interesting to see how much exposure Kirill gets and how many people get involved.

Episode 2 is released on 6th November.

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