Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Italy loves Facebook - 906% growth in 6 months!

The Italian version of the Facebook platform was launched on May 14th 2008 and since then growth of Facebook use in Italy has been phenomenal. I have been periodically noting Facebook usage statistics by country and Italy is by far the fastest growing country in terms of active Facebook users.

On July 8th there were 491,100 Facebook users in Italy

August 7th - 572,960 Facebook users in Italy.

September 29th - 1,035,920 Facebook users in Italy.

November 1st - 2,217,580 Facebook users in Italy.

December 2nd - 4,155,420 Facebook users in Italy.

December 9th - 4,941,980 Facebook users in Italy!

In 6 months the number of active Facebook users in Italy has grown 906%! Furthermore usage of Facebook in Italy has grown by a further 786,560 active users in the last 7 days!

Italy is now the 6th biggest country by users for Facebook, however with a population of around 60 million there is room for significant further growth (especially when you consider that in some countries Facebook usage stands at between 20% and 30% of population.)

UPDATE: March 2009 Facebook usage statistics here

*audience sizes from Facebook Ad Platform

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