Saturday, 6 December 2008

Matterbox 2 has arrived!

The Matterbox is a new form of direct mail where a range of branded, quirky content is put together and sent out in a 'matterbox' - the guiding principle being that 'in a digital age, Matterbox wants to bring companies and people together around real, physical things.' The first Matterbox was sent out in Feb 2008 (Matterbox review - February 2008) and the second one arrived today.

Matterbox 2 was slightly smaller than the first one, but was designed in the same way, using the same colour scheme and keeping the die cut letters on the opening:

Almost all of the content suppliers were different from the first Matterbox (I think Original Source were the only repeat brand - but happy to be corrected!)

So what was included in Matterbox 2?

- An Original Source 'Orange Oil and Ginger' Bodywash sampler
- A Cadbury Dairy Milk Cranberry & Granola chocolate bar
- A Lovefilm 'don't watch dirty movies' DVD cleaning cloth
- An O2 SIM card pack with unlimited calls and texts O2 to O2
- A Harper Collins 'Lords Of The Bow' 54 page sampler book
- Pimm's / Bailey's / Bell's / Gordon's pack that included seasonal recipes and a roaring fire DVD
- A BBC Audiobooks sample CD containing 26 clips from their most popular comedy (+ a competition that pushes to their Facebook / MySpace groups)

The original concept of Matterbox is 'direct mail you want to receive' and I think Matterbox 2 lives up to this. It is also interesting to note the future Matterbox plans, where registrants will be able to record preferences on an online profile so future boxes will be customised to the recipients taste.

So once again, thank you for the stuff , looking forward to the next one!

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Anonymous said...


Glad you enjoyed your Matterbox. Really great to see you writing about it. Thank you.

Be great if you could log into the website and give us your feedback - everything will help us plan the next Matter.

Thanks again,
Warren @ Matter

Anonymous said...

Hi, nice post - I did a short video review which you can find on YouTube -

Nick Burcher said...

- Warren - will leave feedback for you as requested

- Andy - interesting way of reviewing it. I've never thought of using video to show an 'unboxing experience', maybe something I'll think about for the future!