Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Roller Skating Dwarf - Getty Images plays to 'The Crowd' and commissions a shoot

Holly emailed me to tell me about a Dwarf on Roller Skates and Getty Images.......

Jae Morrison from ThinksMeetsdo started a 'Just For Fun' Facebook Group to try and push Getty Images into commissioning a shoot with a 'Dwarf on Roller Blades.'

Roller Blading Dwarf Facebook Page'Search For A Roller Blading Dwarf on Getty Images' Facebook Group
(click for larger image)

Getty Images track what people are searching for in their picture library and if enough people are searching for something that they don't have, Getty Images then commission a shoot. The Facebook Group 'Search For A Roller Blading Dwarf on Getty Images' aimed to test this theory and encouraged Group members to search for 'Rollerblading Dwarf or similar terms like Miami midget or Little Person on tiny wheels.....'

Someone from Getty found this group, the idea was embraced and photos to fulfill any 'Roller skating dwarf' needs have now been added to the Getty library.

Roller blading dwarf in Getty libraryGetty Images library - now with 'Roller Skating Dwarf' (click for larger image)

Getty images Roller blading dwarf Getty Images - 'Roller Skating Dwarf' action

Further suggestions on the Facebook Group now include 'Llama in heels', 'lobster crying', 'Sarah Palin parasailin', 'dog archery' and the inevitable 'monkey tennis.'

Think this is a nice example of monitoring brand mentions in social media and then reaching out accordingly. It also demonstrates how companies can harness data generated by users' on site actions to refine marketing activity and product development. On Site analytics can be used to understand more about customers, and websites, purchase processes and product development can all be refined accordingly. Getty Images' analysis of customer search data (with supplemental product creation to meet demand) is a good demonstration of how on site measurement and analysis can be used.

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