Tuesday, 2 December 2008

YouTube Annotations - 'Conducting Using Annotations' is the latest innovative idea!

Since YouTube launched their Annotations feature, various people have found clever ways to append YouTube Annotations to their videos. Amongst other things, we have seen:

The first YouTube interactive card trick where users have to memorise a card and then pick it out later on in the session - this video has now had nearing 8 million views:

Screengrab from the YouTube Annotations card trick

'A Car's Life' - the first YouTube game (featuring multi-levels and user interactivity):

'A Cars Life' - screengrab from the YouTube Annotations 'A Cars Life' game

and another original idea has just been put together - 'Conducting With Annotations!':

Conducting with Annotations

'Conducting with Annotations' is set to a piece called "Sirens" and features air conducting, with corresponding Annotations automatically showing up when required. However, YouTube Annotation functionality doesn't work on embedded video, so go directly to the Conducting With Annotations video here for the full thing - very clever and well worth a visit!

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Anonymous said...

Thought Annotations was an interesting concept when it came out - these are some intriguing applications for it alright

Nick Burcher said...

Think these are great examples of how people find uses for products / technology that the original designers maybe never imagined.