Sunday, 11 January 2009

20 million mobile Facebook users!

Social networking continues to grow and mobile phone use is a significant contributor - Facebook have particularly benefitted and mobile Facebook usage is increasing. This comes from a combination of improved mobile access to the internet (eg free Facebook access included in mobile packages), improved handsets making access easier (iPhone, N95 etc) and improved social network products for mobile (see or

In October Facebook added 'click to call' to Facebook status updates (allowing mobile Facebook users to dial friends directly from their Facebook profile.)

In November Facebook added mobile status comments (with 1 million mobile status comments left in the first 24 hours!)

It is therefore no surprise to hear that mobile Facebook use is increasing quickly - according to moconews, Facebook's COO Sheryl Sandberg announced at last week's Palm Keynote that Facebook has 20.8 million users accessing the site through the mobile internet. Sandberg also declared that those who access Facebook from mobile are more active than Facebook internet users.

Mobile internet use could push social networking to the next level in 2009. Facebook has just passed 150 million users and increased mobile internet use will further drive Facebook usage and user base!

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