Monday, 19 January 2009

Obama Yourself! lets you create a Shepard Fairey style picture of yourself

Paste Magazine's website has a feature called allows visitors to upload a photo or use a webcam to create a personal Shepard Fairey style Obama poster.

This was my effort:

Once created, pictures can also be submitted to an gallery, where other visitors can view them, comment on them and purchase downloads. There is a lot of creativity with these and well worth a look. is another great example of how the internet can allow an iconic 'broadcast' message to be remixed and re-invented by an online community. By giving users the tools to create, the output is varied and interesting. Created images cover a wide range of areas from humourous to satirical to topical and brand related.

Silly - Bowie:

Satirical - Lolcat:

Topical - Hudson River aircrash pilot:

Brand - Wii:

The output from also shows that people are able to express themselves with pictures in a way that they may not be able to do with text. This is an important point to note going forward with using social / internet data for consumer insight, if you are not able to harvest and interpret video and photography as well as text, you might be missing some really important trends / insight for your brand.

Hat tip to @alexjohnson100 for the link

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