Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Spotify integrating into Broadband packages and I have 3 free invites to give away!

Graeme Wood has written an excellent review of (new music service) Spotify on his Geek Media blog thinking it could be one of the success stories of 2009 - and I am inclined to agree with him!

Based in Sweden, but available across Europe, Spotify gives users access to a wide variety of music through official arrangements with a large number of major labels. Spotify users can also hear music before it is released, as seen with the latest Pink album that was pre-released onto Spotify.

Spotify accounts are either free with ads playing between the songs, £0.99 for 24 hours of ad free access or £9.99 for an ad free monthly subscription. [note - the service is in Beta and the free accounts are invite only.]

Spotify - 3 levels of access (click for larger image)

Furthermore, in Sweden, Spotify offered Christmas gift cards for 6 months premium subscription that people could buy through the site and have mailed out to the recipient:

Spotify Christmas Gift cards

Commercial partners are also being used with Spotify partnering with a number of people to offer invites - Ford Fiesta ran a (Swedish) promotion in December offering the chance to win one of 2000 premium Spotify accounts, Rockbjörnen / Aftonbladet gave out 1000 Spotify invites to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their music awards and Swedish broadband provider Bredbands Bolaget have 500,000 Spotify invites for their customers (promoted through all of their advertising):

Bredbands Bolaget Spotify TV spot currently running in Sweden

The functionality of Spotify is evolving quickly (witness the recent introduction social features such as the ability to scrobble Spotify into Last.fm or create Muxtape-esque shared playlist options) and I agree with Graeme - Spotify could be one to seriously watch in 2009!

Free Spotify invites - I have 3 free invites to Spotify. Email me or leave a comment below and I will email the first 3 people I hear from an invite for a free Spotify account.

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Simon Kendrick said...

Hi Nick

I'd like an invite if they are still going
(email firstname dot surname at gmail dot com)

Aleksander Å said...

Hi nick!

i would love to try spotify if there is invites left



Gregor said...

hello nick nice of you to give spotify invites away

I´d like an invite and thanks for being so generous!


Patrik said...

Thank you! You are the best!


Nick Burcher said...

All sent! Hope you enjoy Spotify as much as I have, Nick

Anonymous said...