Saturday, 28 February 2009

93 year old Clara tops Google Hot Trends with her Great Depression cooking

93 year old Clara hit the top of Google Hot Trends yesterday (the most searched for on Google in the USA.)

Google Hot Trends Great Depression Cooking ClaraClara's Great Depression cooking tops Google Hot Trends

Clara's 'Great Depression cooking' YouTube channel has become a hit after being featured in US newspapers, with Clara telling stories from the Great Depression whilst showing how to prepare dishes from that era.

Clara making bread on her Great Depression YouTube channel

Twitter also had a fair bit of buzz around Clara's Great Depression cooking channel as shown on this Twitter StreamGraph:

Twitter Streamgraph Clara Depression cookingTwitter Streamgraph showing buzz around Clara

This reminds me of 91 year old Marguerite Patten who in 2006 launched a 'Christmas Pudcast' in association with Anchor butter. Marguerite was the first TV chef and used her video Pudcast to show people how to make a traditional Christmas pudding (again gaining significant press and online coverage):

Marguerite Patten's Christmas Pudcast

The main lesson from all of this is that, whether commercially produced or not, the starting point to online / social media activity has to be strong content. Good stories that capture the imagination are the ones that will get coverage / pass on - and there a few more effective demonstrations of this than a 93 year old lady topping Google Hot Trends!

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