Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Huge UK Twitter increase and UK celebrities now in top 100 most followed Twitter users

Last month I wrote about how Twitter is going mainstream in the UK and featured some newspaper clippings showing how Twitter was being widely covered in the UK national press. I also wrote about the proliferation of Twitter use by UK celebrities and predicted that this would also add to the volume of UK Twitter use.

In January Hitwise detailed that UK Twitter use had grown by 974% from Jan 08 to Jan 09 (not including Twitter use through apps like Tweetdeck and Twhirl), but in their latest post Hitwise have gone on to reveal that UK Twitter use in the first month of 2009 has trebled!

Hitwise graph showing increase in UK Twitter use in Jan 09

Initially UK growth was put down to the 'Stephen Fry effect' (where Stephen Fry is 2nd most followed Twitter user globally after Barack Obama), but other UK celebrities have now entered the top 100 global Twitter users according to Twitterholic - with Phillip Schofield, Chris Moyles and Russell Brand entering the top 100 global most followed users in less than a month!

Stephen Fry
- Global rank 2 - 171,856 Twitter followers - joined 212 days ago
Jonathan Ross - Global rank 7 - 86,325 Twitter followers - joined 74 days ago
Phillip Schofield - Global rank 20 - 59,915 Twitter followers - joined 30 days ago
John Cleese - Global rank 21 - 59,156 Twitter followers - joined 1.2 years ago
ChrisDJMoyles - Global rank 29 - 49,803 Twitter followers - joined 9 days ago
Russell Brand - Global rank 63 - 31,970 Twitter followers - joined 17 days ago

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