Tuesday, 24 February 2009

londonpaper goes Twitter crazy - but only in their print product.....

The londonpaper tonight has a page 3 story about Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher twittering from the Oscars - but then goes on to run a full page article entitled 'A Load Of Twitter.'

londonpaper Hollywood stars Twitterlondonpaper 'Hollywood stars are all a-Twitter'

The londonpaper 'A Load Of Twitter' story gives various practical information about how Twitter works as well as offering box outs such as 'The Tech Bit', 'Best Celebs To Follow' and 'Twitterisms ('Tweet', 'Follower', 'Hashtag', 'Twitizen Journalist'(?))

londonpaper Twitter featurethe londonpaper 'A Load Of Twitter'

The 'Load Of Twitter' article gives a good rundown of the things that have become Twitter folklore like Stephen Fry stuck in a lift, man in a plane crash and student 'twittering himself out of an Egyptian jail.' The londonpaper Twitter article also poses the question 'so is it worth jumping on the bandwagon or is this just another social networking fad that will erode your remaining shreds of privacy, productive working hours and self-respect?' Answering 'yes, jump on board.'

Twitter is showing no signs of disappearing from the UK news pages - expect even more UK Twitter usage when the next set of figures come out!

[NB I would have linked to this story but it isn't on thelondonpaper website or thelondonpaper blog - and isn't even mentioned on thelondonpaper Twitter stream!]

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Dave Nattriss said...

Not entirely true. You can read the full newspaper in the archive on the website - http://www.thelondonepaper.com (note the 'epaper' bit) - and the Twitter article will probably get posted up in the morning.

Nick Burcher said...

Thanks for the comment Dave. I will check back tomorrow and if it's there I will link to it accordingly!