Wednesday, 25 February 2009

QR codes hitting the mainstream - seen on Pepsi cans, in CSI, music, street art and fashion

QR codes have been around for a while but they finally seem to be hitting the mainstream. Here are 5 examples of QR codes becoming more prominent:

1) CSI New York QR code

A recent episode of CSI New York “Dead Inside” features QR code technology in the plot. Dialogue explains the principle of QR code technology and the QR code continues to appear through the episode.

QR codes in CSI New York

2) Pepsi QR codes

I recently bought a Pepsi Max and was intrigued to find a QR code on the side of the bottle:

Pepsi Max bottle QR codePepsi Max bottle with QR code

This QR code drives Pepsi drinkers to a WAP site which offers the chance to 'get new kicks every day with tips from life coach Rusty Champion, some gems we found on the web, free games & more!'

Pepsi Max QR code WAP sitePepsi Max QR code WAP site

Pepsi are now running QR codes on every can and bottle in the UK after launching this promotion with a series of PR shoots in December featuring Kelly Brook:

Kelly Brook Pepsi Max QR codeKelly Brook photoshoots to launch Pepsi's QR codes

3) Pet Shop Boys – 'Integral'

The Pet Shop Boys featured QR codes and QR code type imagery throughout the video for ‘Integral.’

Pet Shop Boys 'Integral' QR code video on YouTube

The Pet Shop Boys then promoted the single and QR code technology through their website. They also offered a PDF download of all of the QR code imagery used in the ‘Integral’ video and encouraged fans to use these images to make their own unofficial versions of the video. Video remixes were then uploaded to a YouTube channel and you can see them here.

4) QR code fashion - the Lendorff Kaywa QR scarf

Lendorff Kaywa are bringing QR code technology into fashion, with the launch of the QR code scarf.
Lendorff Kaywa QR code scarfLendorff Kaywa QR code enhanced scarf

‘This is the first in a series of our Space Invader QR-code scarfs. The code holds messages that can be decoded by any mobile phone with a QR-Code scanner. Designed in Switzerland, knitted in England and soon to be seen across the solar system!”

Read more about it / buy one here:

5) QR codes in Street Art - 'Voice Of The Street'

Street artists can sign up for their own QR code and attach it to their work. Observers can then scan the QR code using their mobile phone, are automatically routed to a voicemail where they can hear a message from the artist and then leave their own comment. Everything is then aggregated and plotted using Google Maps. The Vimeo video explains everything:

The Voice of the Street from Leif on Vimeo.

Also interesting to look at the 'radical cross-stitch' QR code banner protesting the private use of Federation Square in Melbourne and the New York use of QR code art around urban regeneration sites.

As QR code readers become more commonplace in mobile handsets and the use of QR codes becomes more widespread, then they will become more than just something that's 'big in Japan'. The above are good examples of how QR codes are entering the mainstream and at the same time playing their part in the increase in mobile internet usage.

Loads of potential here for micro-messaging, product offers, local info and general brand messages - will be interesting to see how quickly QR codes become ubiquitous!

NB Since writing this post I have been made aware of - a great resource for QR code news!

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