Thursday, 26 February 2009

Smiley Face clouds over London!

Last May I wrote about Flogo clouds - man made, 'environmentally friendly' clouds that can be produced to resemble advertising logos etc

Yesterday, artist Stuart Semple brought these to London - but instead of using the clouds for advertising, he just used them to bring smiling faces back to London!

Smiley Cloud London Stuart SempleLondon smiley cloud by St.Pauls cathedral (this and other images here)
photo © Ellis Scott

2057 Smiley clouds were released (one every 7 seconds between 8am and 12pm) from the Tate Modern on the Southbank and aimed at the financial centre on the other side of the river. The smiley clouds were made of helium, soap and vegetable dye with each cloud lasting for around 30 minutes.

Mr. Semple has also posted a YouTube video of the Smiley flogos:

London smiley clouds on YouTube

The ultimate objective was to promote the value of creativity (especially in a downturn), but regardless of underlying message this stunt made lots of people smile. Thank you!

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