Thursday, 12 February 2009

Twittersheep - tag clouds of Twitter follower biographies

Twittersheep is a Twitter visualisation tool that gives a tag cloud based on the bio's of your followers.

Twittersheep homepageTwittersheep homepage

I entered my username (no password needs to be entered) and it produced the following:

Twittersheep tag cloudTwittersheep tag cloud for @nickburcher

No surprises to see the words 'social', 'media', 'marketing' and 'digital' featuring highly. It's a bit more interesting to look at tag clouds for some of the most followed Twitter users:

Twittersheep Barack Obama tag cloudTwittersheep tag cloud for @barackobama

Twittersheep Stephen Fry tag cloudTwittersheep tag cloud for @stephenfry

So according to Twittersheep the most prominent word in the biographies of Obama Twitter followers is 'Love' and the most prominent word in the bio's of Stephen Fry Twitter followers is 'who' (?) . Also interesting to see that 'student' ranks very highly in the biographies of their followers.

Try it out for yourself -

Follow me on Twitter @nickburcher

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