Monday, 2 February 2009

#UKSnow bigger than Superbowl on Twitter!

Top trending term on Twitter this morning is #UKSnow - even bigger than Superbowl (but this might have something to do with America still being asleep.....)

Twitter trends showing #UKSnow as top result

This morning the UK's National Rail website crashed under demand (*source BBC Breakfast), but Twitter users found other ways to keep up with what was going on through various Twitter mashup's - TechCrunch covering this in more detail here.

Snow always causes fun in the UK and today is no exception, however this time Twitter has provided an interesting alternative source of information and UK Twitter users continue to update everyone on everything from travel news through to size of snowflakes in a particular UK postcode.

I made it into the office and here are some of my pics:

My road:

School closed:

Urban Snowman (in central London):

View from my office (in central London):

......and if you want to see someone skiing to work in London, check out Fem's post here!

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